About the Journal

Welcome to AL-BAHTS: Journal of Social Science, Political, and Law, a distinguished peer-reviewed, open-access journal committed to disseminating contemporary and original research articles. Our journal serves as a platform for addressing a broad spectrum of issues within the realms of social science, political science, and law.


AL-BAHTS focuses on providing a comprehensive understanding of various topics, including but not limited to:

  • Gender politics and identity.
  • Digital society and disruption.
  • Civil society movements.
  • Socio-economic issues.
  • Community welfare and social development.
  • Citizenship and public management.
  • Public policy innovation.
  • International politics and security.
  • Media, information, and literacy.
  • Politics, governance, and democracy.
  • Radicalism and terrorism.

Fields Covered:

Our journal spans across multiple fields, encompassing:

  • Philosophy and theory of law.
  • Comparative law.
  • Sociology of law.
  • International law.
  • Islamic Law.
  • Constitutional law.
  • Private law.
  • Economic law.
  • Environmental law.
  • Criminal law.
  • Administrative law.
  • Cyber law.
  • Human rights law.
  • Agrarian law.

Publication Frequency:

AL-BAHTS is published quarterly, with issues released in December, April, and August, providing a regular and timely platform for researchers and practitioners.

Submission Guidelines:

We welcome submissions year-round. Before submitting your manuscript, please ensure that it aligns with the Aims & Scope of AL-BAHTS. Manuscripts should be written in either Indonesian or English and must adhere to our Instructions for Authors & Manuscript Template.

Contact Information:

  • Publisher: Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat Universitas Islam Indragiri
  • Contact: +62 812-6636-0859 / lppmunisi2023@gmail.com

Thank you for considering AL-BAHTS as a venue for your scholarly contributions. We look forward to promoting and disseminating impactful research within the diverse domains of social science, political science, and law.