1. J-SHELVES OF INDRAGIRI (JSI) takes on articles on English education, linguistics and literature, which have never been published to other journals.
  2. For publication of the articles, the manuscript should be typed in MS Word. doc format, 12 font size, Times New Roman font, A4 or quarto size paper, maximally 20 pages in length, 1.0 spaced for abstract  and references, and 1.5 spaced for contents (Introduction, Literature Review, Research Method, Findings and Discussion, and Conclusion).
  3. Articles will be reviewed by subject reviewers, while the editors have the right to edit the articles for the proper format without changing the contents.
  4. Research report article should cover (1) Title; (2) Full name of author(s) without an academic title; (3) Author's Affiliation, (4) Author's Email, (5) Abstracts (max. 250 words); (6) Keywords; (7) Introduction; (8) Literature Review; (9) Research Method; (9) Findings and Discussion; (10) Conclusion (suggestion may offer); (11) References; and (12) Appendix, if necessary. 
  5. The list of references should be displayed alphabetically by using the APA style. It is highly recommended to use Mandeley application. 
  6. The article manuscript and contributor’s brief Curriculum Vitae and Statement of Orginality must be sent to e-mail:
  7. The article manuscript must be received by the editorial board one month before publication, which is on 1st April and 1st Oktober.