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Artikel bersifat baru dan belum dipublikasikan sebelumnya baik secara cetak maupun secara online.</p> <p>JKA menerapkan kebijakan Double Blind Review, Review dilakukan secara tertutp. &nbsp;Focus dan Ruang lingkup JKA mencakup kajian pengembangan dan penerapan ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi (IPTEK) dibidang pengabdian kepada masyrakat sebagai berikut:</p> <p>1. Agama Islam<br>2. Pendidikan<br>3. Ekonomi<br>4. Hukum<br>5. Teknik<br>6. Pertanian</p> en-US nurkomariah7179@gmail.com (Dr. Nur Komariah, M.Pd.I) karyaabdiunisi@gmail.com (Bayu Fajar Susanto) Mon, 21 Dec 2020 23:28:17 +0000 OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 Environmentally Friendly Based Educative Game Development Training For Teachers Early Childhood Education Programs https://ejournal.unisi.ac.id/index.php/karya/article/view/1159 <p><em>This community service aims at developing Educative Game Tools (EGT) based environmentally friendly. This activity is motivated by the fact that many PAUD (Early Childhood Education) teachers are not PGPAUD graduates and even high school graduates. There is still a lack of understanding and skills of early childhood teachers in designing and making educational teaching aids environmentally friendly. Besides that, their motivation to design their own Educational Game Tools is still low. Based on the above problems, the solution offered is to provide training for PAUD teachers in Wonokromo village to understand, design, and create their own innovative and Educative Game Tools (EGT) based environmentally friendly. The program target is for PAUD teachers to know, understand the importance of EGT in PAUD learning and design creative and innovative EGT. The concept of&nbsp; EGT is oriented towards safe for children, environmentally friendly, and source of used materials that are quickly processed from the surrounding environment. As a result, all participants gained knowledge and skills in designing EGT to improve quality and professionalism as Early Childhood Education teachers.</em></p> Kusmiyati Kusmiyati , Ni Nyoman Sarmi Copyright (c) 2020 Jurnal Karya Abdi https://ejournal.unisi.ac.id/index.php/karya/article/view/1159 Mon, 21 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Small And Medium Enterprise Accompaniment Pak Ali Skin Crackers In The Pandemic Time Covid 19 https://ejournal.unisi.ac.id/index.php/karya/article/view/1157 <p><em>Pak Ali Skin Crackers is one of the small businesses running in Teluk Kenidai Village, Kampar District. During the pandemic, Indonesia has seen a decline in the economic transaction, which results in the rise of furlough. To Addressing this issue, assistance is given to the Pak Ali skin cracker business to increase its productivity. This measure aims to improve the quality of the products in packaging and branding to be more interested in buying or distributing them to others. Increasing sales online is also seen as a practical solution during the pandemic. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also prioritized as the healthy work environment would likely affect productivity during the pandemic. Such community empowerment could be a threshold in improving the community's economy, transforming it from traditional to modern, and promoting healthy sales during this COVID outbreak. The methods used are preparation, main activity, and report. The results of this assistance are in the form of photos and target achievements.</em></p> Debi Setiawan, Felix Irwan, Ramalia Noratama Putri Copyright (c) 2020 Jurnal Karya Abdi https://ejournal.unisi.ac.id/index.php/karya/article/view/1157 Tue, 22 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Covid-19 Pandemic And Sustainability Study At Madrasah Ibtidaiyyah Pesantren Sabilil Muttaqien (PSM) Sulursewu, Teguhan, Ngawi, East Java https://ejournal.unisi.ac.id/index.php/karya/article/view/1156 <p>The continuity of learning programs during the COVID-19 pandemic found educational institutions, especially Madrasah Ibtidaiyyah (MI) temporarily closed the learning process in schools. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 that is currently engulfing Indonesia. Lack of preparation, readiness and learning strategies have a psychological impact on teachers and students. Declining quality of skills, lack of supporting facilities and infrastructure. Learning from home (online) is an effort by the government program to ensure the continuity of learning in the pandemic period. The research method uses participatory action research (PAR), which focuses on understanding social phenomena that occur in the community and mentoring efforts on the problems faced. The assistance effort is to help the children of MI Sulursewu, Ngawi in participating in online learning related to; 1). Preparation of activities, 2). Counselling participants offline method, 3). Offline activities method. Results of the study show that the mentoring activities following the target of achievement; first, the activity can be carried out following the schedule that has been set. Second, students are always on time for the online learning hours that have been set. Offline methods show that efforts can help ease the burden on parents, but can also make it easier for students to receive subject matter.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Moh. Toriqul Chaer, Muhammad Atabiqul As'ad, Qusnul Khorimah , Erik Sujarwanto Copyright (c) 2020 Jurnal Karya Abdi https://ejournal.unisi.ac.id/index.php/karya/article/view/1156 Tue, 22 Dec 2020 19:29:47 +0000 Provisioning For New Entrepreneurs Using The Canvas Business Model In The Mlaras Village Business Group https://ejournal.unisi.ac.id/index.php/karya/article/view/1264 <p><em>Business canvas model is a model that sends and captures the value of a business consisting of 9 elements contained in the core of a business that is presented simply and easily understandable, the tighter business competition and the covid-19 virus outbreak has brought major changes in the economy and the real impact is on the MSME sector therefore STIE PGRI Dewantara Jombang is moved to conduct a community service program with the theme is training to create a business plan canvas model , simple and easy to apply creation there are three methods used in community service conducted this time, namely, a lecture model that presents about canvas business theory, the second model of baking practice as a form of implementation of value preposition and segmentation and the second is the presentation and discussion model to assess the level of understanding of the participants regarding the material that has been done before, the process of activities goes smoothly without being constrained , as well as the open insights of participants on the importance of making business planning before doing business.</em></p> Nuri Purwanto Copyright (c) 2020 Jurnal Karya Abdi https://ejournal.unisi.ac.id/index.php/karya/article/view/1264 Thu, 24 Dec 2020 12:30:08 +0000 Tricks To Master English Vocabulary Through Interactive Activities At The Puri Kasih Orphanage Tembilahan https://ejournal.unisi.ac.id/index.php/karya/article/view/1160 <p><em>English language skills are also often used as a requirement when they want to continue to a higher education level. However, it cannot be denied that the limited understanding of English vocabulary results in obstruction of language competence achievement. Therefore, this activity is a form of service to the community, especially as a form of implementation of the Tri Dharma obligations of higher education, which aims to help students at the Puri Kasih Tembilahan Orphanage to master English vocabulary quickly. The method used is Training of easy tricks to master English vocabulary through interactive activities. In this Community Service activity, several activities are carried out, namely: words puzzle, words matching, pictures, games, and watching short movies. The results of this Community Service activity showed that the participants gave a positive responses to this activity. They are also more courageous and motivated to use the vocabulary they have by participating in every activity they do. Furthermore, the initial test results showed 8.3% of participants in the Very Good category, 12.5% of participants in the Good category, 41.7% of participants in the Enough category, and 37.5% of participants in the Low category. Then, the final test results showed that 16.7% of participants were at the Very Good level, 25% of participants were at the Good level, 45.9% of participants were at the Enough level, and only 12.5% were at the Low level. This shows that interactive activities can help students at the Puri Kasih Tembilahan Orphanage more easily master English vocabulary.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> Samsul Amri, Syafrizal Syafrizal, Maizarah Maizarah Copyright (c) 2020 Jurnal Karya Abdi https://ejournal.unisi.ac.id/index.php/karya/article/view/1160 Fri, 25 Dec 2020 00:00:00 +0000 Basic Engineering Training On Following Bullets In One State High School Students In Jaya Bhakti Village, Enok Sub-District, Indragiri HilirDistrict https://ejournal.unisi.ac.id/index.php/karya/article/view/1359 <p>This type of research is correlational. The objective of this research is to determine the extent <br>of "The Relationship between Arm Muscle Strength and Bullet Resistance Ability in Students of One<br>Roof Junior High School in Jaya Bhakti Village, Enok District, Indragiri Hilir Regency. The population<br>in this study were all students of One Roof State Junior High School in Jaya Bhakti Village, Enok<br>District, Indragiri Hilir Regency, which numbered 10 VIII grade students. Samples were taken using the<br>Total technique and the results of the training of basic techniques of shot repelling are success - the<br>implementation of this community service activity can be seen from the results of the evaluation during<br>the implementation of the activity, namely: The success - the implementation of this community service<br>activity can be seen from the results of the evaluation throughout the implementation of the activity,<br>namely: Persistence and involvement of the participants training in involving themselves in the<br>implementation of this training activity, the participants or students have knowledge in the field of sports,<br>especially bullet shooting. There is an increase in the ability to understand both theoretically and<br>practically the sport of shot put.</p> Rahmad yulmiando, Prima Antoni, Hamzah Hamzah, Devit Wilastra, Dahrial Dahrial Copyright (c) 2020 Jurnal Karya Abdi https://ejournal.unisi.ac.id/index.php/karya/article/view/1359 Thu, 31 Dec 2020 15:26:13 +0000