Jurnal Karya Abdi 2022-12-30T01:55:52-05:00 Dr. Nur Komariah, M.Pd.I Open Journal Systems <p><img src="/public/site/images/adminkarya/JKA.jpg" width="135" height="195"><strong>Jurnal Karya Abdi (JKA) </strong>adalah jurnal yang memuat artikel ilmiah dari berbagai disiplin ilmu yang diadopsi dari pengabdian dosen. JKA dengan Nomor ISSN&nbsp;<a title="2722-8746" href=";1595247134&amp;1&amp;&amp;">2722-8746</a> diterbitkan oleh Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat (LPPM) Universitas Islam Indragiri bertujuan untuk menyebarluaskan pemikiran konseptual atau ide, &nbsp;dan hasil penelitian yang telah dicapai dibidang pengabdian kepada masyarakat. Artikel bersifat baru dan belum dipublikasikan sebelumnya baik secara cetak maupun secara online.</p> <p>JKA menerapkan kebijakan Double Blind Review, Review dilakukan secara tertutp. &nbsp;Focus dan Ruang lingkup JKA mencakup kajian pengembangan dan penerapan ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi (IPTEK) dibidang pengabdian kepada masyrakat sebagai berikut:</p> <p>1. Agama Islam<br>2. Pendidikan<br>3. Ekonomi<br>4. Hukum<br>5. Teknik<br>6. Pertanian</p> Training In Takhrijul Hadith Competency Improvement Of Hadith Teachers At Baqiyatussa'adiyah Tembilan Hulu Islamic Boarding School 2022-12-22T22:48:14-05:00 fiddian khairudin Amaruddin Amaruddin Nasrullah Nasrullah <p><em>Islamic boarding schools play an important role in developing studies of the sources of Islamic teaching, this hope is quite reasonable because the role of Islamic boarding schools in preserving Islamic studies is so great. This also happened to the Baqiyatussa’adiyah Islamic Boarding Schools, an Islamic educational institution located in Indragiri Hilir district, Riau province, precisely in Tembilahan Hulu sub-district. Some hadith problems sometimes stop in the process of memorizing and understanding their meaning, even though a complete and appropriate understanding will be found if it is refined by research on the hadith. Hadith research is important, one of the entrances is takhrijul hadis activities, namely the method of searching for hadith on the original source, where the hadith has been narrated complete with its sanad, then explain the level of quality of validity. To find alternative solutions to the problems, then takhrijul hadis training was held for ulumul hadis teachers, with the aim of training teachers to conduct research on the hadith which is the object of discussion, so that sufficient knowledge obtained about the source of hadith information and the original book where the hadith is listed. Another benefit is adding to the treasury of sanad through reference hadith books, clarification of the condition of the hadith, explain the quality of hadith, opinion of scholars on hadith, and so on. The terget audience for this community service is specifically teachers of hadith and in general the teachers of Baqiyatussaadiyah Islamic Boarding School. It is hoped that from this community service activity an increase in teacher skills will be obtained in conducting hadith research, especially in the takhrijul hadis steps.</em></p> 2022-12-07T00:00:00-05:00 Copyright (c) 2022 fiddian khairudin Innovation Of Sugar Cane Product In Ksu-Ed Tabek, Nagari Talang Babungo 2022-12-22T22:48:14-05:00 Andasuryani Andasuryani Adrizal Adrizal Alhapen Chandra Chandra <p>The molding process using coconut shells created unstandardized brown sugar in terms of shape and size, less competitive, limited market by Koperasi Serba Usaha Ekonomi Desa (KSU ED) Tabek. This activity aimed to motivate KSU-ED Tabek to produce brown sugar, which has a different and attractive appearance. The activity was carried out in the form of lectures, discussions, and demonstrations, starting from providing the molding equipment, introducing several innovations of brown sugar shape and size, product innovation by adding spices, and demonstration of packaging of brown sugar for members of KSU-ED Tabek. During the activity, members of KSU-ED Tabek showed a positive response which was shown by their enthusiasm in discussing various innovations in mold shapes and sizes, product flavor innovations, and brown sugar packaging. This community service activity has could increase the innovative and creative spirit of KSU-ED Tabek members in developing brown sugar businesses.</p> 2022-12-11T00:00:00-05:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Andasuryani Andasuryani Assistance in determining the cost of production, selling prices, and preparing financial reports in Sungai Luar Village 2022-12-22T22:48:15-05:00 Siti Wardah Wardah <p>This research assistance in determining the cost of production, selling prices, and preparing Financial Statements in the Context of Increasing Competitiveness After the Covid-19 Pandemic in Sungai Luar Village. The purpose of this study is to assist village community business actors in how determining the cost of production and selling prices as well as how to prepare financial reports to increase competitiveness after the COVID-19 pandemic in Sungai Luar village. The methods used are interviews, observations, surveys, direct material delivery, simulations, and discussions. From this research, the business has the enthusiasm and effort to develop. However, it lacks adequate knowledge and understanding of determining the cost and selling price and financial preparation. There are several obstacles faced by the community of Sungai Luar village, the lack of human resources who can determine the cost of production and selling price in running a business and the lack of time to understand or learn how to determine the cost of production, and selling price in a business. The lack of the time needed to make financial reports on the business because the time there is more for operational activities to get started</p> 2022-12-14T00:00:00-05:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Siti Wardah Wardah Procedures For Preparation Of Financial Statements UMKM In Aqila Fishing Pool 2022-12-22T22:48:15-05:00 Rasmon Arfa Piliang Syarifah Ulya Putriani Tamba Helmida Helmida <p>Kulim District, Pekanbaru City, Riau has a fairly good environment in carrying out UMKM-scale business activities, especially in the fields of livestock, plantations and so on. UMKM start their business well, but there are weaknesses in the recording and preparation of inadequate financial reports. Based on the results of observations, it is known that one of the factors behind not carrying out accounting records is the inability of their human resources and a linear lack of knowledge to prepare financial reports for these UMKM. Thus, in order to help UMKM actors to carry out bookkeeping in a simple manner and according to applicable rules, community service for UMKM actors is carried out in preparing simple financial reports. The purpose of this PKM is for UMKM actors to apply simple accounting to their business activities. The method used is in the form of education and mentoring in the preparation of financial reports for UMKM actors in Aqila fishing ponds. Based on the evaluation of the results of this service, the management of the Aqila fishing pond understands and applies simple bookkeeping to their business.</p> 2022-12-16T00:00:00-05:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Rasmon Education On Processing And Handling Of Green Shells To Fisherman In Ujung Pangkah District, Gresik Regency 2022-12-22T22:48:15-05:00 Kejora Handarini Retnani Rachmiati Arlin Besari Djauhari Sri Oetami Madyowati Achmad Kusyairi Sumaryam Sumaryam M Tajuddin Noor Maulidia Yuniarti <p>Banyu Urip Mangrove Center (BMC) is one of the Mangrove tourist areas, which also has green mussel cultivation around it. Green mussels in this area tend not to be processed into preserved food products, but are only traded fresh. The price of fresh green mussels is very cheap, therefore it is necessary to increase knowledge regarding the diversification of processed green mussels to increase the added value of green mussels and the knowledge of mothers in the BMC area, Ujung Pangkah District, Gresik Regency. To solve this problem, the role of higher education is needed, including carrying out community service through outreach to mothers in the area. The purpose of this activity is to educate mothers about processed diversification and handling of green mussels. The method of implementing this activity consists of 3 stages, namely: preparation, implementation of counseling, and evaluation. The result of this activity was an increase in the knowledge of mothers about the variety of diversification of processed green mussels including: Green Mussel Shell Flour, Green Mussel Crackers, Condiment Pasta (Such as Oyster Sauce), Green Scallop Meatballs, Green Scallop Nuggets, and Chitosan. The mothers looked very enthusiastic about participating in this activity as shown by the very interactive questions and answers and discussions, as did the participants who remained in place until the end of the event.</p> 2022-12-22T00:00:00-05:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Kejora Handarini Making Basic Spices That Are Durable In Add To The Pocket Money Of Unitomo Vocational School Students 2022-12-30T01:55:52-05:00 Arlin Besari Djauhari <p>Red chili is a vegetable product that has a spicy taste and is seasonal. Meanwhile, people who like to consume spicy food always need chili as a mixture in cooking. During the chili season the price of red chili is very cheap, and when it is not the chili season the price is very expensive. This situation is an opportunity for Unitomo Vocational High School students to add pocket money at school. Faculty of Agriculture University Dr. Soetomo through the Community Service program provides a solution to this problem. This Community Service Program aims to: 1. Provide counseling to Unitomo Vocational High School students about the process of making basic seasonings made from long-lasting red chilies; 2. Provide business skills training to make basic spices, so that the profits can be used as additional pocket money at school. The implementation method consists of 4 stages, namely a. the observation stage conducts a feasibility study of participants who will be involved in community service; b. counseling stage; and c. the training stage which is the core of the activity in the form of delivery of theory and practice; d. assisting students in carrying out activities starting with the preparation of materials and tools, the process of making basic spices, evaluating product preferences, selling products, to making a profit. The process of making basic seasonings is chili being processed into basic seasoning ingredients consisting of red chilies, shallots and garlic. which has a shelf life of up to 6 months. These basic spices are semi-finished ingredients, meaning that these basic spices can then be used to prepare a number of other dishes, including shrimp fried rice, fried tempeh/dried tofu sauce, egg bali, eggplant balado, lodeh bamboo shoots, and others. The way to make the basic seasoning is 1 kg of red chilies, 400 g of shallots and 400 g of garlic. All ingredients are crushed and then sautéed with a little oil until coarse, then dried, then floured until it becomes powder and then packaged in airtight plastic, and stored in a dry place. This dried basic seasoning is ready to be used at any time, even when it's not chili season where the price of chili is very expensive, we can still taste spicy food. In addition, the profits from the basic seasoning business can be used to increase pocket money or school needs</p> 2022-12-30T00:00:00-05:00 Copyright (c) 2022 KEJORA HANDARINI