Implementation Of E-Commerce At King Profile Store, Indragiri Hilir Regency

  • Fitri Yunita Universitas Islam Indragiri, Riau
  • Dwi Yuli Prasetyo Universitas Islam Indragiri, Riau
  • Jusatria Jusatria Universitas Islam Indragiri, Riau


Raja Profile is a shop that provides various types of furniture or light wood, reliefs, mild steel, decorative decorations, wallpapers. In running this home decoration business, Raja Profil store has not utilized e-commerce system technology to support the marketing process. Raja Profil still sells directly in the store every day. Therefore, it is often a problem for buyers who are far away to go directly to the Raja Profil shop. The purpose of this service is to implement an e-commerce website that we have built at the Raja Profil store which functions to promote and sell interior tools in the Raja Profil store. The method used in making the e-commerce system is the waterfall method. The result of using e-commerce at the Raja Profil store is to provide broader services to customers and provide convenience and accuracy for managers and owners in doing marketing, and calculating sales.

How to Cite
Yunita, F., Yuli Prasetyo, D., & Jusatria, J. (2021). Implementation Of E-Commerce At King Profile Store, Indragiri Hilir Regency. Jurnal Karya Abdi, 2(1), 22-33.