perlindungan hukum perlindungan hukum petani kelapa

legal protection of coconut farmers against monopolistic practices and unfair business competition in Indonesia

  • triyana syahfitri UNIVERSITAS iSLAM INDRAGIRI
Keywords: protection, farmers, business competition, monopoly


In Indonesia, coconut plantations are one of the livelihoods of coconut farmers. Coconut products that are sold to companies that need raw materials from coconut to process their products into finished materials require standard pricing so that the selling price of coconut does not experience uncontrollable price fluctuations. In addition, coconut farmers will also have difficulty selling coconuts because several companies that require production materials from coconuts, also plant their own coconut plantations, so that the number of coconuts produced by coconut farmers in Indonesia is feared to be more than the number of product processing companies. so from the coconut industry material, this is also a determining factor for the selling price of coconut. In order to avoid monopolistic practices and unfair business competition against coconut farmers in Indonesia, government regulations and policies are needed to provide legal protection for coconut farmers.

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